Sunday, 25 August 2013


Our hotel receptionist told us we should visit Murano for the glass works, Burano for the lace making, and Torcello because it's nice.  The three are islands near Venice, warranting a short boat ride.

This morning, we went to Torcello.  We can advise there is nothing there.  The island has canals but they lead to empty, overgrown fields, a few private properties, a church, a couple of art shops, and a few stalls selling souvenirs.  There are also a few palatial looking restaurants decked out with dozens of empty tables.  Torcello seemed deserted.  At least deserted of tourists.  And in August!  I don't know what the place is like the rest of the year.  

We entered one of the restaurants, and, together with other dishes, ordered some chips.   At first, the chips were dreadful.  Maybe that's a hint as to why Torcello was devoid of visitors.  The lady cooked some better ones, but no one can make chips like the Brits or the Australians.  We were actually breaching our policy of only eating food for which the country we're in is famous.  Such as pizza, pasta, lasagne, panini, tiramisu, and gelati in Italy.  Greek salad, tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki, spinach pie, and gyros in Greece.  Croissants, baguettes, crepes, and croque monsieur in France.  Tapas, paella, and sangria in Spain.  Kebabs, baklava and apple tea in Turkey. And fish n' chips in Britain.  And on this tour of Europe, we agreed no McDonalds, no KFC, no Pizza Hut.  Just local food.

I probably won't have chips again.  And I can safely say we're done with Torcello.

On the way out to Torcello
Rush hour on a Torcello canal
There's not much on Torcello
The place is dead.
A church and a couple of art shops

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