Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy but unexpected reunion in Athens

First thing this morning, we noticed a private Facebook message from old friends from Australia whom we have not managed to see in nearly 15 years.  The message said: "Are you in Athens?  We are too!".    We replied, suggesting we'd meet them this afternoon at their hotel after their return from a city tour.

Meantime, Jean and I went back to the Acropolis, and wandered around its base.  I climbed a rock near the Acropolis, which gave a good view of part of Athens.  Shortly after, we nearly went into the ancient area of Agora, but changed our minds.  We followed a path around the back of the Acropolis, and ended up at the Temple of Zeus.  In Greek mythology, Zeus was the supreme ruler of the gods.  The Temple took 700 years to build, and was finally completed in the first century AD.  Originally, there were 104 Corinthian columns.  Only 15 remain standing.  

When you come to Athens, usually the first thing you do is visit the Acropolis.  Hold on to your tickets!  The 12€ entry fee also covers about four other things in the area, one of them being the Temple of Zeus.  We walked around it, and noted one of the Corinthian columns was fallen down.  A google search revealed it blew down in a storm in 1852.  At the site, a number of bits and pieces that are just laying around are ancient.  One item I thought at first was just a rock.  But it was probably once something like a drinking container for animals.

Just after 1 pm, we waited for our old friends at their hotel.  They then returned from their city tour, not knowing we'd responded on Facebook.  Boy, did they get a surprise!  We sat and chatted over coffee in the hotel for some time.  Eventually, the four of us went to Plaka, the old area not far from the Acropolis and had dinner together.  The last time we saw each other was in Sydney in the late 1990s.  Who would ever have thought the next time we would meet would be in Athens!

Temple of Zeus with the Acropolis in the background
Temple of Zeus
Part of Temple of Zeus with Acropolis and the Parthenon behind
Temple of Zeus and Acropolis at right in background 
Shows the fallen Corinthian column

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