Friday, 23 August 2013


We farewelled Santorini this morning, and sailed to Mykonos, a fairly big island.  We had done well on Santorini, not being happy with our initial accommodation, but then being proactive, and finding alternative arrangements.  I'll always remember Santorini, which has at least three other names.  The first is Thira, meaning 'Spartan King'.  The second is Strongily, which means 'circle island', certainly appropriate in antiquity.  Kallisti is the third, and it means 'most beautiful'.  Santorini itself means 'Saint Irene'.  

We caught a high-speed ferry, which was built by the Australian company Austal.  We arrived around mid-afternoon, and I went swimming in the hotel pool.  Afterwards, we strolled through Mykonos Town, which sits on the western side of the island.  The lanes are paved with rock slabs no greater than a couple of square feet.  The crevices between the rocks are painted white, creating an intriguing look.  In fact, they've gone a little overboard with the white paint, covering parts of tree trunks, walls, and many buildings.  Jean thinks it's better here than Santorini.  I'm not so sure.

Me in our pool at Mykonos View Hotel
A lane in Mykonos Town
Aesthetically pleasing Mykonos Town
Mykonos windmills are well known.
Mykonos Town
The sun sets on our time in Greece.

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