Sunday, 18 August 2013

A close shave

A Dutchman on the boat over to Turkey recommended having a Turkish barber shave my face because he always has this done himself in Turkey.  At first I thought it was a terrible idea.  Not one other person has shaved my face in my life.  But, when in Rome......

So, I gave it a go.  The young guy was very professional, took great care and never cut my face.  He washed my face down with some solution or other, washed my hair, also gave me a haircut, and finished off with a shoulder and neck massage.

This afternoon, we departed Turkey and sailed back to the island of Samos in Greece.  We now begin the long but exciting journey back across Europe.

The barber slops on the shaving cream
The barber doing his stuff.
View of the cruise ships docking on Kusadasi Harbour as we left Turkey 
The view from our hotel balcony at Gagou Beach, Samos.

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