Tuesday, 20 August 2013

In the Greek Islands

We came back to the Greek Islands a few days ago.  We've been on Samos, a quick overnight stay on Syros, and now we're on Paros.  Soon, we'll spend a couple of days on the picturesque Santorini.

You should hear the cicadas on Paros.  They're in plentiful supply in the gardens outside our room and around the pool area.  You can hardly hear yourself think while they join together in a chorus of cacophony.  
View from Samos Bay Hotel on Samos
The town on the island of Syros
A sailboat near one of the islands
Sailing the Greek islands
Hellenic Seaways, Nel Lines, and Blue Star Ferries, and quite a few other companies ferry passengers around the Greek Islands
Some Greek beer
Me getting a 'fix' (lager) on Paros 
Jean getting a Mythos (lager) on Paros 
Our pool on Paros
Our room (Paros)
The view at dinner on the front (Paros)

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