Monday, 19 August 2013

Some pictures of Ephesus

Some pics:

Library of Celsus
Replica of statue of Sophia.  Original in museum in Vienna.
Arch of Augustus
Nike, the goddess of victory
Note the 'swoosh' used by the modern sportswear company, Nike.
Statue of Xenos, from which the word 'xenophobia' derives
Tourists stroll down Curetes Street towards Library of Celsus
The view from Library of Celsus
Inside the Library of Celsus
Inside the Library
The Harbour Road
Ancient row of shops with mosaic in front
The mosaic was laid at least 1,600 years ago.
Grand Theatre
A scene at Ephesus
The tunnel to the brothel extended from the left of the Library across the road
The brothel rooms
At the House of the Virgin Mary, many visitors post written prayers to Mary on this wall, just down from the house.

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