Tuesday, 27 August 2013

O Sole Mio

After we went to Murano yesterday, we then caught another boat out to a place called Lido di Venezia.  We headed down to the beach there, which was as calm as a mill pond - absolutely no waves.  It was as if we were looking at a lake.  This was probably our last proper look at the Mediterranean Sea on this journey.  Having said that, it is the sea itself that surrounds Venice.  Venice is tidal.  

At Lido, there were proper streets, and cars drove on them.  Believe it or not, it was an odd experience seeing cars again.  There are no such things in Venice.  And prior to Venice, we haven't really seen any vehicles in about a week.

We returned to Venice, and went hunting for a gondola.  We ended up at the Rialto Bridge, probably not the right place to get a gondola because they're more expensive around there, plus I'm told they're more expensive anywhere starting from the Grand Canal.  And the Grand Canal is more choppy than the little back alleys.  But the Rialto Bridge was where we ended up, where the lane ways took us.

After 7 o'clock, it's more expensive too.  But if you don't mind sharing your ride with others, you can share the cost.  It was 100 € for 40 minutes.  But three young women came along and shared the ride with us.  One came from Ireland and the others were from England.  The gondola driver took us under the Rialto Bridge and into the smaller canals nearby.  It was a very gentle, smooth pleasant ride.  We took photos.  I'd been told that if you wanted the driver to sing, it would cost extra.  But he never offered, and we never asked.  For a moment or two, I thought about the tune for O Sole Mio, but I never sang or hummed it.  

Jean and I having a gondola ride on the Grand Canal in Venice.
The Rialto Bridge is behind us.
The Beach at Lido.

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