Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tips for riding Santorini donkeys up steep cliffs

Tips for riding the donkey up the steep cliffs from the Old Fira Port:

1. Maybe you should take the cable car.

2. Hang on!

3.  If you're very young or elderly, forget it.

4.  If you have a fear of heights, maybe go quickly by cable car.

5.  Best to wear shoes, not thongs (flip flops).

6.  The donkey likes to scrape your feet and legs against the rocky walls.  Be prepared for this.

7.  Donkeys like to ram your leg against the walls.  Use your hand to push away from the walls.

8.  The donkey may crash into the backside of the donkey in front, and the donkey in front won't like this.  Be prepared for possible reactions or revenge.

9.  The donkey likes to take you right to the edge and show you the sheer drop downwards.  Be prepared for this.

10.  Save yourself a euro and take the cable car (donkey ride 5 €; cable car 4 €).

11.  Donkeys like to rip at every piece of dried vegetation that exists along the way.  Be prepared for a crash course in donkey diet.

12.  Donkeys sometimes like to smell other donkeys' poo.  Just keep looking forward.

13.  Be prepared for your donkey to have an argument with another donkey.  They might head butt each other.

14.  Be prepared for another donkey to kick your donkey (or your foot - I know from experience).

15.  If your donkey comes to a halt, and you happen to be Chinese, don't make commands of the donkey in Chinese.  Donkeys don't understand Chinese.  You can say 'Go!' In Greek.  Or you can say 'Go!' In English because English is the international language.

16.  Maybe take the cable car.

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