Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Farewell Venice

After four days and four nights, we farewell Venice, possibly my favourite city.  It is also almost everybody's favourite city - a place that people fall in love with, and take away the fondest of memories.  

It is a place that has enraptured romantics throughout the ages.  Venice, the birthplace of the great lover, Cassanova, and the city where Richard Wagner ended his days.  Venice is the inspiration for a Shakespeare play, the host of the Venice Carnival, and the place for wearing masks.  Venice is where glass was invented, whose secret methods of manufacture were maintained for centuries until she eventually shared these with the world. 

Today, Venice is as relaxed as the gentle goings of the gondola.  Its watery, physical reality is as charming as the dry wit of the Venetians.  While the place is as old as the hills, every day you discover something new.  Although old, her charm will survive.  They even say that Venice is like an old lady. She's always cheerful despite her age-related problems.  She smiles and welcomes everybody.  You, too, will feel welcome we did.

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