Monday, 16 September 2013

Mozart and Strauss

We attended a concert featuring the music of Mozart and Strauss at the Palais Palffy at Josefplatz here in Vienna last night.  The concert was held in the Figaro Hall where Mozart performed in 1762 with his sister.  At that time, Mozart was just six and a half years old.

The concert featured four lady violinists with a young man on the Cello.  They were led by the master violinist, and the six were complemented by the contributions of the pianist.  The concert had the additional benefit of the presence of the Vienna Ballet.  An excellent lady opera singer also wowed the crowd, taking her voice to great heights.

The concert started at 8 pm and concluded at 9.30.  For the first half hour, the musicians performed the works of Mozart, wearing historical Baroque costumes.  After the intermission, they performed the works of Johann Strauss in historical Biedermeier costumes.

The violinists wearing historical Baroque costumes
A member of the Vienna Ballet wows the crowd
At the end of the concert, the musicians receive applause.  

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