Tuesday, 17 September 2013

From Vienna to Stuttgart

This morning, we were in the eastern part of Austria.  By lunch, we were in the southwest of Germany.  For the first time on this journey, we had wintery conditions today.  Actually, we had a little of everything, wind, cloud, sun.  And this morning, before leaving Vienna, it was raining during our pre-dawn hike to the airport bus.

This afternoon, we walked around Stuttgart.  We only came here because we needed to.  It puts us closer to where we are heading next, namely the Rhine area.  Stuttgart is essentially a very boring place.  It looks very modern actually.  Jean's theory is this is because it must have been heavily bombed during the war.  Certainly, Köln (Cologne) was heavily bombed.

The only really exciting event today was due to the wind.  A barricade along the side of the road blew over as we were passing it, and it slammed against a passing jeep.  The annoyed occupants jumped out and took photos of the scene with their smart phones.  Later, in an outdoor restaurant, a large standing menu blew over and smashed a guy on his head.  We don't think he was hurt though.  It had been cold until then, and I thought we'd left the wasps behind in Austria and Switzerland.  Then the sun came out, and the wasps came out!  They've been everywhere.  A complete pain.

Tomorrow, we visit Heidelberg briefly, and next Koblenz.  Shortly, we will go to pretty Bad Honnef on the river Rhine, where my great-grandfather was born in 1864.

An open space in the middle of town
The wind blew this barricade down which slammed this jeep.  The occupants are surveying the damage.
Statue of Schiller who attended school in Stuttgart
A very modern looking city in places
Said to be Germany's first pedestrian zone

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