Friday, 13 September 2013

From Salzburg to Vienna

After a couple of nights in Salzburg, during which we crossed the border to visit Hitler's Eagle's Nest perched high in the Obersalzberg, we travelled yesterday to Austria's capital, Vienna.  

We reached first Wien Westbahnhof (Vienna West train station), then walked the short journey to our hotel.  After checking in, we went back to the station, bought travel tickets and descended to the Vienna Underground.  Although we'd spent about an hour or so in Vienna, Jean announced that she didn't like it.  She thought it was a bit dirty etc.  I said to her "I think you'll change your mind."  By the time another 90 minutes had gone by, Jean was now telling me she loved Vienna and would recommend it to anyone.

Her dramatic turnaround was due to the following factors: Vienna reminded her of London like no other city.  Its typical five- or six-storey buildings with their ornate facades.  Its wide streets.  The parks.  The easy Underground system.  The pleasant late summer walks.  The history.  Culture.  Museums.  The opera.  Plays.  The large, impressive palaces and Parliament building.  The church spires with their intricate detail.  The pubs, shopping and the coffee scene.

The Hofburg Theatre
The Rathaus
Kunsthistorisches Museum and Ephesus Museum
A scene in Vienna
In Vienna
St Stephans Cathedral

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