Saturday, 7 September 2013

Liechtenstein - blink and you'll miss it

We have now crossed the border into Liechtenstein - a tiny German-speaking principality wedged between Switzerland and Austria - and we are just here overnight while we catch up with old friends from our London days.

They say that if you blink, you will miss Liechtenstein.  We got off the bus from Buchs too soon.  We then walked about three kilometres, dragging our bags.  It would have been nice to have blinked and found ourselves at the hotel, but no.  But at least it wasn't too hot and the scenery is nice.  Some of the mountains around here remind me of the Remarkables in the New Zealand city of Queenstown.  Tall, very vertical mountains whose upper regions are mostly craggy, rugged and bleak.

In an earlier post, I claimed that Liechtenstein used the euro.  At least, that's what Google told me.  In fact, this country uses the Swiss Franc as its currency.

In Vaduz, Liechtenstein's capital, we met up with Michaela, Silvano and their son, Daniel.  Almost 12 years since we last saw them.

There was an election in Australia today.  The Opposition has won power.  Once their leader is appointed by the Governor-General in about 10 days' time, there will have been three Prime Ministers in the time Jean and I have been away from Australia.

A church in Vaduz.
Up the hill is the Prince's castle.
Jean and Michaela with the Prince's castle on the hill above

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