Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yes, we Cannes!

We spent almost five hours in Cannes yesterday.  We were delighted to be there, especially Jean who had looked forward to it.  The first thing we did was make a bee-line for the sea.  The Cannes International Film Festival is held each year, I believe in May, and the building where it all happens, the Palais des Festivals, was boarded up.  We were able, though, to see the famous red carpet on the staircase, and I took Jean's picture there.  Nearby, here and there, the names of many stars and their hand prints enjoy permanence in the pavement.

At the beach, thousands of people sheltered under beach umbrellas, and soaked themselves in the cool waters of the Mediterranean.  A cruise ship appeared anchored in the distance off to the right.  Someone was parasailing.  Many many others enjoyed the exclusiveness of the umpteen private beaches belonging to hotels that lined the Boulevard de la Croisette, the very long boulevard that runs along the entire length of Cannes' seafront, and which the locals abbreviate to 'the Croisette'.  It's a bit more expensive here, as you Cannes probably expect.  

We took a one hour ride on the little mini-train, which provides commentary on Cannes in many languages.  We learned of the many stars who have stayed in the hotels along the Croisette.  Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Sophia Loren, and Princess Diana have all stayed in the Grand Hotel at one time or another.  In the 1950s, one pretty young American actress named Grace Kelly met her prince charming on the Croisette, and in 1956 she married him, and moved to Monaco, a tiny country just down the road from here.  Apart from the Grand, some of the other popular hotels include the Martinez, the Majestic Barriere and the Carlton.  The Palm Beach Club has been a famous night club for many a long year.  The Prince of Wales, who gave up the British throne for the love of his American divorcee, frequented the place in the 30s.

We didn't come prepared for swimming, but we dipped our ankles in the sea.  Refreshingly cold.  We then found a place for lunch.  We both had a cuttlefish salad.  Chewing the cuttlefish was a little like chewing rubber, but it was all good.

In the evening, we returned to Nice, and sank our bodies in the cold, soothing waters of the Mediterranean.  It was so good.

But I have to say that Cannes is a really nice place.  You Cannes come any time of the year, and it will be lovely.  If Barack Obama were to bring his family to the French Riviera, and they asked him if they could visit Cannes, I'm sure I could guess his reply.

Where the Cannes Film Festival happens
Overlooking Cannes
The Martinez
The yellow and blue umbrellas are a private beach
This guy Cannes play any part
The red carpet

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