Saturday, 6 July 2013

Waiting for the Eurostar

We're currently waiting for the Eurostar that will take us to France.  We arrived in London at 12.15 pm (Euston), and pulled our luggage along Euston Road to Kings Cross St Pancras.  It's a lovely day, probably 26 degrees or more.  This short glimpse of London in the summer reminded me of the old days, especially of July 1983 when we had the hottest July for 300 years here.

As Jean and I followed other bag pullers toward St Pancras, it was great to look around.  People looking relaxed behind dark sunglasses in loose flappy clothing.  Scores of folk sipping beer outside pubs on footpath tables.  Way down there, a red double decker bus glides along a sun-drenched Euston Road, clipping the large over-hanging green leaves of the London plane trees, planted 200 years ago, that straddle many a London street.  Over here, a young Brit is walking the streets with his shirt off, thinking that the day is 'hot'.  As we stroll past the Euston Flyer pub, to our right, it erupts in a wild frenzy, an obvious sign that the British Lions have scored again.

We've changed most of our Sterling into Euros.  A poor exchange rate.  The pound almost has parity with the Euro.  Jean is looking for her second Peroni.  I've had a Noble (lager).  

The journey we began from Aberystwyth this morning will continue now in a generally south-easterly direction until we reach Ephesus in about five weeks' time.  We're hoping we'll always have good access to WiFi.  If I fail to put up a blog post as often as has been the case till now, the lack of WiFi will be the reason.

Kings Cross St Pancras from Euston Road

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