Tuesday, 2 July 2013


We had another leisurely day today, just walking around town.  We had a quick walk around the ruin of Aberystwyth Castle, and then had a hot chocolate in The Costa on Great Dark Gate Street with Jean's cousin, Caren.  

It was good to see her.  I think, in my case, it had been many years since I'd seen her last.  Same for Jean.  Caren was accompanied by her daughter, Carwen, and eight-week old baby grandson, Tomos.  Caren is actually Jean's second cousin, so I showed Carwen pictures of our daughters who are Carwen's third cousins.  I also showed them pictures of our grandson, Harvey, who is a fourth cousin to little Tomos.

We'd missed the bus to Bow Street, where Tom and Mag live, so we had lunch at Wetherspoons.  Jean and I both had 'Welsh Pantry Faggots'.  The faggots are made of liver and pork, and are served with mushy peas, onion gravy and chips.  Jean thought it was 'bloody beautiful'.  To me, the faggots themselves are kind of weird.  They're like nothing.  The mushy peas were good, and the chips were great.  Voila:

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