Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blog Statistics

This Sunday, it will be four weeks since Jean and I left Australia, and began this journey.  It will be just as long since we started this blog.  It's time to update you on the blog's statistics.  You can see below the countries where people have found my blog either because I gave them the link, or they have found it by accident.  I mean, I don't know a single soul in Russia, the Netherlands, or the UAE.  And I'm not too sure either about who might be viewing the blog in France.

The figures to the left show the number of times someone has viewed our blog over the last seven days.  The figures in the column to the right are for all time.  So, you can see that my blog has been viewed a total of 1,588 times in its short history.  This beats last year's blog by about 500, which ended after a six week European trek.  We have more than eleven weeks to go on our current odyssey. So keep on viewing!  Let's see if we can get around six and a half thousand views by early October.

LAST WEEK                               ALL TIME

Australia   121                                 651
UK.           44                                  254
Spain        48                                    60
US.           38                                  126
Russia       36                                  112
Finland      28                                  182
Germany   27                                  134
France      11                                    49
Netherlands  4                                  16
South Africa  4                                   4
United Arab Emirates                       16

34% of viewers have tuned in via Safari, 28% via Internet Explorer, 11% Firefox, 9% Chrome, 18% others.

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