Saturday, 29 June 2013

The only gay in the village

After we arrived at Aberystwyth on Thursday afternoon, we were met by Jean's mum and dad, Tom and Mag.  And the weather welcomed us too.  It was raining - somewhere between gently and heavily.  But then it's Wales.  Because of the rain, we decided to buy a SIM card the next day (yesterday).  Since we've acquired the SIM card, we've found that reception is not fantastic either at our friend, Ann's house or at Tom and Mag's house.  Hence blog posts have been slightly behind schedule.  
Since we've arrived, we've caught up with old friends, Ann and Barry and boys, as well so far as our friend, Alison, and her young son, Jac.  Also, Alison's mum, Moya, and dad, Gwyn. 

Yesterday, Ann drove us around.  We drove a little around town, and had lunch in The Carlton, a cafe which overlooks Great Dark Gate Street, the main street in town.  When Jean and Ann were young kids, they used to drink coffee in The Carlton, and watch the world go by, staring at passers by below, and dodging their teachers.  Afterwards, we headed through extremely narrow country lanes for quite a while to the little village known as Llanddewi Brefi, which was made internationally famous by the comedy series 'Little Britain'.  It is to Llanddewi Brefi that Matt Lucas' character Dafydd is referring with his classic one-liner "I'm the only gay in the village".  Sadly, the only 'pub' in the village that we saw was the New Inn, which was closed.  I had my photo taken by the sign bearing the village name, and took another photo of the sign with the horse in the adjoining field.  He was the only horse in the village.

Yesterday evening, we had dinner at Wetherspoons with Ann and her son, Tom, and Alison and Jac.  Jean had (very tasty) spare ribs, and I had a roast.  The meals included one alcoholic drink each, which all came to £13.44 (about $20).  The chips they serve in Wetherspoons are thick as!

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