Friday, 28 June 2013

In training

The train from London to Aberystwyth is a funny journey.  It blitzes along at about 125 miles per hour, northwards from London.  After changing trains at Birmingham International, our 'second' train was much slower, as if to remind the traveller that the destination is Wales, after all.  (And the first train offered Wi Fi, the second didn't.)

When the train pulls up at Shrewsbury, it then goes in reverse.  I mean that if you've been facing forwards till now, you now find yourself travelling backwards.  Eventually, the landscape becomes much hillier and slightly mountainous, which means you've arrived in Wales, and, at Machynlleth, the train cuts itself into two pieces.  The back two carriages are the only ones which proceed on to Aberystwyth, so, if Aber is your ultimate destination, you need to make sure you're sitting in the right part of the train.

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