Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sexy Arabs

A couple of days ago, I spoke of the Arab men dressed in their long, gleaming white flowing robes and round, black coil which holds their equally gleaming white head scarf to their heads.  Jean is impressed with the look of these men.  For her, they look smart, clean and 'sexy' as they go about their business.  

And I think I've been here long enough to make an assessment of my own.  I used to wonder how it would be possible for an Arab man to choose a young bride, when young Arabic women are clad entirely in the niqqab with only their eyes exposed.  How could you tell what they looked like?  But now, after only a few days of being here, I can identify the attractive ones.  They are short, slim, and have stunning eyes.  Maybe I can see the appeal for Arab men.  The women have a certain allure and a degree of mystery beneath that black flowing veil which, I think, evokes curiosity, something that is not so possible in the Western context.

In case you never hear from us again...................we've run off with Arabs.

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