Friday, 11 October 2013

Dubai Again

On 3 October, Jean and I flew from Brussels to Heathrow, where we changed planes and flew on to Dubai.  We landed the following day.  We went to Atlantis, the famous hotel at Palm Jumeirah.  Afterwards, we went to the Dubai Mall where, like when we came through en route to Europe, I had a camel milkshake.  Later, we visited the Deira City Centre.  Later still, at the Dubai Mall, we tried to meet up with a friend in Dubai on business, but couldn't make it.

It was strange to be in Dubai again, after our first visit of three and a half months ago.  When we came in June, we were on holiday, and Dubai was glitzy, glamourous, and impressive.  And we were impressed.  But in the meantime, I've been in Europe.  And so often in Europe I asked myself if I would like to live in the city or town we were visiting.  Sometimes, the answer was yes.  But then I'm a European kind of guy.  Unless I found the expat community, I think I could be very lonely living in Dubai.  I often think of what a colleague who lived in Dubai for some time told me a few years ago.  You can be taken in by the glamour, but if you scratch a little beneath the surface, you find a society that's not so nice.

Atlantis at Palm Jumeirah 
Not far from Atlantis is this mosaic of 'The Palm'.  Atlantis is situated at the top.
In the background is Dubai's famous seven-star hotel.
At the Dubai Mall is this souvenir shop with the pictures of the sheiks.

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